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Victoria Foote, Editor in Chief, ON Nature magazine:

"Lisa Keller of Meta4 has written frequently for ON Nature magazine and her work has been consistently excellent: thoroughly researched, on time and well written. ON Nature will certainly continue to use Meta4's services."(March 2006)

Clair Israelson, Executive Director, Canadian
  Avalanche Association
  "Once again, many thanks…for your assistance on governance issues. You finessed an awkward situation very well; everyone felt comfortable in the way you worked through the issues to a sound conclusion that we can all support." (June 2004)
Fay Kowal, Executive Director, Yorkton Short Film
  & Video Festival
  "I was in the workshop last week in Regina — Governance Works. I thought it was a great workshop and came away with some ideas to put to work in my organization." (January 2006)
Lorraine Pelot, Senior Research Officer, Law   Commission of Canada:
  "Meta4 was able to craft an accessible and interesting document [Crossing Borders: Law in a Globalized World] out of a very complex and technical paper. They went above and beyond in providing thoughtful comments on the topic and bringing additional examples to our attention." (March 2006)
Peter Hackett, President, Alberta Ingenuity Fund:
  "Katherine Watson walks the walk — she brings artists and scientists into productive conversations pushing the boundaries of what can spontaneously materialize out of the creative vacuum. She can produce exceptional events that fire the imagination and along the way she can excite administrators by the vision of what might be possible when the barriers to communication come down. And that is a truly subversive skill indeed." (July 2006)
Arthur J. Carty, Former President, National
  Research Council of Canada
  "On behalf of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and its partners, I would like to thank you sincerely and deeply for your tireless efforts in the organization of the Creativity 2000 Conference. We have received many, many positive comments about the event as a unique blending of creativity, arts and sciences." (August 2000)
Dennis Garreck, Programs & Services Manager,
  SaskCulture Inc:
  "Great feedback here — congratulations on a great workshop and resource. I was in La Ronge on Thursday and Friday — they too were very impressed and found the teleconference quite fine. They had a very positive experience." (January 2006)
Peter Honeywell, Executive Director, Council for the
  Arts in Ottawa
  "The session was really valuable. You have a real gift for facilitation!" (May 2006)
Susan Musgrave, Canadian writer:
  "As chair of the Writers Union of Canada I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the UNESCO Conference on the Status of the Artist in Paris, June 16-21, 1997. I must say I was proud — and I do not use this word lightly — to be one of the Canadians representing our country: Rudy Wiebe, David Silcox, Paul Siren, Sandy Crawley and Katherine Watson, among others spoke eloquently and succinctly on every subject on the agenda, and each of the suggestions they made was incorporated into the new Status of the Artist Recommendations." (August 1997)
Jan Zwicky, Canadian poet and philosopher:
  "What an outstanding event the recent World Summit was!...superbly presented and organized, and timely, too." (December 2000)
Peter A. Herrndorf, Director General and CEO,
  National Arts Centre:
  "On behalf of the National Arts Centre (NAC), I would like to congratulate you on Creativity 2000's tremendous success, and thank you for your dedicated work…..I observed that those who attended the conference came away with a greater sense of the interplay between the arts and the sciences, and I am certain that many now appreciate the importance of the two being so closely interrelated." (July 2000)
Tessa Goulet, Regroupement québécois de la
  "…les impressions [de Login:danc/se] restent inscrites dans notre mémoire et c'est avec plaisir que je repense à cette série de rencontres fort stimulantes pour toutes la communauté de la danse au Canada. Bravo pour votre travail de coordination et au plaisir de pouvoir partager avec vous d'autres projets." (July 2000)
Mike Winter, Head, Arts Promotion, British Council,
  "Let me take this opportunity, on behalf of all of us here in Arts Group, to thank you for, and congratulate you on, a superb job in getting UKaccents off the ground and flying with such panache. The scale and the lead time were enormous challenges, and from this end it's been a great pleasure for us working with you on parts of the campaign. The end result is something which we can be justifiably proud, and all credit to you for pulling it all together so effectively." (August 1999)
Megan Williams, Former National Director, Canadian
  Conference of the Arts:
  "1,000 thanks for the excellent work you did for us [on The Creativity Gap: How the Arts Inspire a Creative Society]. I was really pleased with the whole event — as was everyone who spoke to me about it." (December 2003)
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