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                     creative communications

 Meta4 helps people and institutions through the
 power of language, the force of ideas and the
 advantage of creative thinking. We work with
 you to express who you are, what you do and
 why it matters. We support you in deciding
 where you’re going and what you might need
 to get there. We create programs, plans and
 strategies that lead to a successful future.

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meta: 1. denoting change of position or condition 2. denoting position: behind; after or beyond; of a higher order.
  4: one more than three, or six less than ten; a symbol for this; a set or team of four.
              metaphor: the application of a name or descriptive term or phrase to an object or action to which it is imaginatively but not literally applicable. e.g. an idea that bears fruit, a glowing review, a recipe for success.