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[barbara laskin]Barbara Laskin is keenly interested in helping to strengthen organizations and convey the importance of their work. Commitment to quality combined with long experience in the public and non-profit sectors make her a valued resource for those who need support in strategic communications, board governance, policy and program design, public and media relations, and with targeted outreach initiatives. Fully bilingual, Barbara is an effective communicator, with sharp insights and a persuasive pen. She moves fluidly between the realm of ideas and the practical world, developing concepts, building arguments, refining messages and helping clients implement change. more...

contact: barbara@meta4creative.ca
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[katherine watson]Katherine Watson loves to devise the perfect scheme for her clients. Whether it is a research project, a new program, an interdisciplinary production or a conference, she will lead and manage it seamlessly, from beginning to end. Working in French and English, she forges fruitful partnerships, bridges diverse interests, and sparks intelligent connections across sectors. Katherine is an innovator whose enthusiasms are fired by years of experience in arts and culture. She has a particular interest in public engagement, in working with youth and those outside the mainstream, with a view to shaping a creative future. more...

[lisa keller]Lisa Keller’s eclectic background in music, law and journalism, and her unquenchable interest in the world around her, bring an undeniable depth and flair to her work. A versatile writer, editor and researcher at ease in multiple styles, contexts and topics, her motivation is love of language; her strength is comprehensive command of its structure and content. Inextricably-linked creativity, logic, assertiveness and a global outlook define Lisa’s perspective. Thanks to twenty years of experience in journalism, and a continuing addiction to news, she also enjoys a finely honed understanding of media relations, and expresses a dogged determination to find the best solutions for every new client and project. more...

contact: lisa@meta4creative.ca
As required Meta4 draws on a network of highly skilled long-time collaborators in areas such as website design, event production, French language writing and editing, translation, survey and statistical analysis and management development.