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Lisa Keller is an expert communicator, grounded in the tenets
of journalism, and skilled in multiple styles of expression.
Whatever your message, she will define, create, polish and
present it in optimal form, and ensure that people not only
get it, but love it.

Lisa combines a diverse educational background of law and
journalism with two decades of experience in research,
writing, editing and production for major-market Canadian daily newsrooms;
she has also written extensively as an opinion columnist.

As part of the Meta4 team, her writing is regularly published in a host of magazines and other print publications, and on the Internet. Some recent examples include:

ON Nature magazine
The Ottawa Citizen
Today's Parent magazine
ArtsAlive.ca (the educational website of the National
    Arts Centre)

A member of the Editors' Association of Canada, Lisa brings to all of her work a broadly-based and thorough comprehension of language and media. Adapting tone, style and complexity of writing to a particular vehicle and a targeted audience are second nature to her.

Other experience includes:

research and writing of portions of the 2005
    Canadian Health Accreditation Report, published
    annually by the Canadian Council on Health
    Services Accreditation;
media relations and creation of website content for
    a municipal political campaign;
producing cogent, reliable board and conference
    proceedings for organizations like Access
, Canada’s copyright agency, and the
    University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine (2006
    conference dialogue on medical
    education and Aboriginal health);
Substantive and copy editing of Crossing Borders:
    Law in a Globalized World
, a March 2006 Law
    Commission of Canada discussion paper, and
    development of a companion “plain language”
    booklet for the general public;
conduct of an organizational review and strategic
    planning exercise for the Ottawa Regional
    Coordinating Committee to End Violence Against
an environmental scan for Culture.ca.

Known for thoroughness, attention to detail, clarity, and
adaptability, Lisa is highly experienced in writing to deadline.
She excels at producing lean, accurate text, even when her
client wants it yesterday. She is tenacious in researching
information and interviewing sources. A journalist of many
years standing, she now enjoys working the flip side of media
relations, creating highly professional media materials, and
easily orchestrating news conferences and professional
relations with journalists.

She has a proven ability to mesh new information with old,
integrate complex details into easily-understood and inventive
formats, and arrange information in logical paths. Those who
have worked with her know Lisa can both take initiative and
accept direction, change focus without losing it, and bring a
fresh and intelligent perspective to each project.

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