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 Whether in writing, via the Internet, through public and media
 relations, or by developing effective communications plans
 and strategies, Meta4 helps you raise your profile, tell your
 stories and get your messages across. Through audience
 development and outreach initiatives, or other forms of public
 engagement, we connect you to the people and communities
 critical to your success.

Strategic communications

Writing and editing: print, electronic and online

Magazines and newspapers
Case studies, manuals, & reports

Canadian Health Accreditation Report, 2005
Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation


Crossing Borders: Law in a Globalized World
A March 2006 Law Commission of Canada discussion paper. [pdf]


Institute On Governance
Case studies on how a range of national associations have initiated and implemented changes to their governance structure (July 2006).


Cultural Portals: Gateways to a Global Commons
A report for Powerhouse Museum, Australia on the survey analysis and outcomes of an international round table meeting held in Japan in June 2005 presented at the EU presidency meetings, Brighton (November 2005). [pdf]


Governance Works! A guidebook of governance essentials
Barbara Laskin, for Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba and SaskCulture Inc. (January 2006). [link]


Habitat JAM case studies
For the International Centre for Sustainable Cities, Vancouver. Katherine Watson was a member of the research and writing team that compiled over 70 exciting case studies that were unearthed in the April 2006 Habitat JAM and distributed in CD format to the international attendees of the World Urban Forum in June 2006. [link]


Mapping the Digital Transition: What is the New Normal?
A report by Katherine Watson on the proceedings of the Culture and Technology Roundtable, for the Culture and Technology Task Force, Department of Canadian Heritage (April 2006).


Articles and essays
Audience development, distance learning and outreach
Public engagement
Media relations
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