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 One of our strengths is the design and delivery of programs,
 conferences, projects and unique events with substantive
 content and a distinctive edge. Our creativity is matched by
 meticulous attention to detail and experience in observing all
 necessary protocols, including those involving MPs, VIPs and
 media. Years of experience in thinking outside the box makes
 us the firm of choice for organizations seeking new ideas and
 fresh approaches.

Interdisciplinary projects and events
The Creativity Gap: How the Arts Inspire a Creative   Society
Creativity 2000
Creativity 2000 was an initiative of the National Research Council of Canada, the National Arts Centre and the Canada Council for the Arts. As part of the NRC Millennium Creativity Conferences, a day-long conference was held in the theatre of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Katherine Watson programmed and produced the event, which included engaging conversations between Nobel laureates and cultural leaders such as Sir Harry Kroto in a conversation with architect Douglas Cardinal, moderated by filmmaker Don McKellar. In addition, broadband connectivity ensured that real time conversations could be held with Arthur C. Clarke (from Sri Lanka) and Benoit Mandelbrot (from the USA), and that Pinchus Zukerman could demonstrate distance teaching with students located in New York. The event was opened by the Governor General of Canada, Madame Adrienne Clarkson.
World Summit on the Arts and Culture
Canada/UK bilateral meeting on Cultural Industries
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