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 We hold the mirror up to your organization and help you to
 envisage the future: what you need to accomplish, the people  you want to reach and how you plan to do it. We encourage
 you to think strategically about your messages and the way
 they’re communicated, your goals and the way they’re met.
 We gather the intelligence you need to make informed

Strategic planning
Association of Canadian Publishers
Canada Council 50th Anniversary Plan
Regional Coordinating Committee to End
  Violence Against Women
This coalition brings together individuals, agencies and service providers who are mandated to address violence against women in the national capital region. The coalition asked Meta4 to assess whether the structures put in place when RCCEVAW was founded continue to serve the needs of the membership. As part of its review, Meta4 has conducted in-depth interviews of members and stakeholders and administered a survey to existing, former and potential members. Findings and recommendations will form the basis of a final report in the fall of 2006. Meta4 will also assist RCCEVAW to develop a new strategic plan in keeping with its vision for the future.
Strategic communications
Research, surveys and analysis
Environmental scans
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